The new family keeps posting pictures to show that the shelter pit bull thinks he is a cat

The question of who owns the house will not be answered satisfactorily. In addition, the responses vary and occasionally come as a complete surprise.

In any case, sisters Beth and Sami know it without a doubt, and the response will surprise you.

After providing shelter to two cats, the sisters decided to adopt a dog and adopted Marko, a shelter pit bull.

Sami and Beth soon began to notice that the pit bull began to adopt cat manners and habits as a result of their very smart attitude.

Marko had an exceptionally kind and nice demeanor and consequently immediately went under the impact.

Marko became like a cat over time. He mastered the refrigerator after leaping on the windowsill and countertop with ease.

He eats and sleeps with his mustachioed companions, and the owners are overjoyed by their companionship.

Additionally, they were well aware that the pit bull stereotype is nothing more than a stereotype.

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