Every morning, the family is touched to see their new dog visit the same special place

For 17 long and happy years, Michonne Smith and her family had the wonderful company of her beloved dog named Bruck; this sweet pup brought joy to the hearts of everyone in her home.

But, sadly, he passed after many years, and the family was upset, but grateful for the time she spent with her beloved furry companion.

Almost a year later, the Smith family made a statue for bruck where they visit him daily.

The Smiths recently decided it was time to welcome a new pet into their home. They soon welcomed an adorable puppy named Duki into their home.

Duki was born shortly after Bruck, but the family quickly realized that their pets shared a bond that went beyond anything they could have imagined.

Michonne noticed that whenever she let Duki out in the backyard in the morning, he always went to the same spot.

For the family, there is no explanation for Duki’s attraction to this particular point.

But Michonne has a theory: the little canine is aware that Bruk is present.

While it’s true that Duki never met the dog his family adored before he came home, they appear to share an inexplicable bond.

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