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The four-year-old girl is adopted by the officer who got her from her previous family
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The family’s long-awaited girl was born after 10 boys.
Today, large families with several kids are uncommon. Even so, they exist. Other people are undoubtedly intrigued because of that. As a mother, the British family is exceptional.
Dog left behind by Russlan miIitary finds new owners in Ukranian military
Russian military left a gorgeous service dog behind when they departed from the settlement. Some assume she was left on purpose, while others say the German Shepherd ran
ShetIand pony who thinks he’s a dog enjoys sitting in front of the fire and watching soap operas
Week, a Shetland pony, is a pet for a family in Renfrewsire (Scotland). His childhood friends were dogs, and the pony picked up many habits from them, including