Woman occasionally discovered her lost pet at the shelter while looking to adopt a new dog for her sons

Anja occasionally found a picture of a recognizable dog while searching a shelter’s website for a dog to adopt for her two sons.

She gave it a close look and was certain it was her cat Killua, who had gone missing two years prior.

She couldn’t believe the sight before her eyes—it was actually her beloved dog. When he was just seven weeks old, Anja adopted him. She named him Killua.

For approximately five years, the woman looked after Killua, but one day when she returned from work, she couldn’t find her adorable dog at home.

Anja was upset; she searched for her puppy but couldn’t locate her. Anja was unaware that her dog had been brought to the neighborhood humane society after being lost for two weeks.

After being adopted by a family, Killua had to be returned to the shelter after 8 months.

Anja then got in touch with the humane society and told them where she had discovered her dog. Killua began to wag his tail as soon as he took notice of her owner. Cool, right?

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