When his caretakers tried to take away his new favorite toy, the baby panda panicked

This young panda won’t let go of his new favorite toy, and it melts our hearts!

When a newborn panda receives a large bouncing ball, he immediately falls in love with it. The cute little creature is smitten with his new toy and refuses to let go.

Not even when the delighted keepers try to take it away from him, despite the fact that the ball appears to be a little too large for the small bear.

The event was recorded on tape, and you will fall in love with it just as much as this adorable panda did with his new toy! When the newest member of the zoo’s huge panda family — was a few months old – he had to complete a coordination test.

So the guards put the panda’s talents to the test with a plastic ball and a bamboo stick.

Instead of persuading them that he is in wonderful form, the tiny panda made everyone laugh by refusing to give up his new toys.

«He really loved cuddling it, rolling over it, and doing that sort of rolling and tumbling behavior that newborn pandas are so famous for,» a zoo veterinarian said.

Although the loyal guardians had a tough time removing the toy from the panda, he demonstrated the ability to pass the exam. But it didn’t stop him from behaving like a child when he realized his playing was finished.

He even had a cute tantrum at the end to remind everyone that he’s in control. But he didn’t impress anyone!

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