When the cat returned after a walk with a letter for the owners, they discovered notes on him

The ‘postcat’ assisted its owners in making new acquaintances among their neighbors.

Fewer and fewer individuals nowadays endeavor to cultivate friendly relationships with their neighbors.

Fortunately, this does not always happen against their choice.

For example, owing to the cat, the British family was able to establish friends with their neighbors.

This cute black and white cat enjoys going for walks on his own. As usual, he arrived home in the late afternoon. He was exhausted and all he needed was to eat and receive some care from his masters.

When the owner touched the cat, he discovered a message hidden beneath his collar. According to an anonymous writer, the black and white cat enjoys paying him visits. He meows and squats beneath the door until he is let in.

The stranger did not keep the pet because he understood it already had owners.

The animal’s owners responded to their unknown interlocutor, and soon a relationship developed between them.

They have no intentions to meet their new pals, according to the owner.

They have an abundance of correspondence. The owner also stated that he was considering inventing ‘cat mail.’ This, he believes, will enable neighbors to get to know one another better.

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