When his toy best friend is present, the happy lizard cannot help but smile

Because of her utterly gorgeous smile, this cute lizard has become a viral sensation.

Our minds typically gravitate toward furry animals rather than reptilian ones when we think of cute and cuddly animals.

But once you meet Sayonara, it can all change.

The cute gecko’s smile has made her a worldwide sensation. Sayonara seemed to be content even now.

But when he’s with a certain individual, he becomes utterly delighted. Sayonara is totally devoted to his little gecko.

It’s a tiny toy made of plastic that resembles him. So perhaps his happiness is only a reflection of his self-esteem.

After its owner, Instagram user 509 tomo, shared pictures of Sayonara and his small toy, Sayonara eventually became popular.

Many individuals inquired about where they might purchase their own plastic toys for their own reptiles.

However, buying it might not be so simple. According to Mail Online, Sayonara’s owners discovered the tiny toy in a machine in Korea.

It seems like Sayonara would be the ideal companion if she had Chimera. This is due to the fact that geckos typically do badly in communal housing.

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