Every day, a rescued kangaroo visits his owner at home to relax on the couch and cuddle

It’s fascinating to consider how you might respond if a kangaroo regularly visited your home and sat on your sofa.

The heroes of this tale, however, do not at all oppose this. Meet Raya, a huge eastern gray kangaroo, which is another name for them.

Southern Australia is where Raya resides. And lying on the couch is one of his favorite activities.

Since she spends much of her day on it, the locals refer to her as the sofa specialist.

The home’s proprietors have no objections to this visitor at all. They established a kangaroo shelter.

Most of the time, kangaroos do not even try to access the house, but Raya is an amusing exception.

He only stared intently and peered into the windows at first.

One day he waited for the door to open for him before going home and lying down on the couch. According to Australian law, kangaroos cannot be kept as pets.

For this reason, the owner takes Raya out of the house and into the yard as soon as he has had enough time to rest on the sofa.

Raya is a kangaroo who adores his owners and is very outgoing and pleasant.

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