Emily Ratajkowski and Olivia Wilde prevented Harry StyIes from attending the Met GaIa in 2023: He wanted to stay out of trouble

One of the most important fashion events of the year, the Met GaIa 2023, took place on May 1-2.

Naturally, the many Harry StyIes fans noticed his absence from this event right away.

He had, after all, nearly never skipped The Met Costume Institute GaIa before.

The singer then allegedly did not want to face his ex-lover, Olivia Wlide, according to some Internet users.

They have not seen each other since November 2022, when they separated.

However, the situation ended up being a little bit more complicated. After all, EmiIy Ratajkowski and Olivia Wlide were also present.

The artist’s decision was obviously greatly influenced by this.

Normally, the coordinators of the occasion and his own workers guaranteed Harry that they would do all that could be within reach so he wouldn’t, for any reason, meet with either one of them.

Strangely, the two , who were at the Met Occasion 2023, gave no indications of antagonism towards one another.

So there is an unequivocal opportunity that Harry was totally superfluously stressed over the conceivable ungainliness of the gathering.

However, we can also fully comprehend his desire to avoid another scandal.

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