This cat is so big everybody believes it’s a dog: take a look at this extraordinary kitty

Despite the fact that this cat is still under the age of two, he weighs roughly 28 pounds. That’s a lot if you consider that the average feline of this type may weigh up to 18 pounds and that he’ll continue to grow until he’s 3-4 years old.

I had no idea how big he was going to be! That doesn’t seem to bother her human, who is content to cuddle the world’s finest furball. He is a delicate giant, despite his size. He lives in a modest neighborhood with his mother.

Thrilled that her furry buddy has become a web celebrity as a result of his larger-than-average size, the owner admits she didn’t expect this when she first met the feline roughly two years ago.

‘He may look intimidating, but he’s a very friendly and unobtrusive boy,’ the proprietor explained. ‘He’s a sharp-witted feline. He has a strange ability to sense the overall atmosphere in the house.

It doesn’t whine, scream, or cause damage to furniture. ‘It’s fascinating to witness how other people react when they see the gigant,’ she remarked. ‘Many people immediately assume he’s a dog.

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