The woman goes out to rescue other animals with cleft lips after her pet perished from it

In 1996, a generous woman acquired an unusual pet who had been born with a cleft palate.

As a result of this trait, the puppy developed difficulties, and he perished soon after. The woman couldn’t forgive herself for her pet’s death and felt she hadn’t done enough to ensure his well-being.

A small boxer with the same congenital abnormality as the dog emerged in the woman’s life ten years later.

The woman was concerned about her dog’s health, but after speaking with a veterinarian, she realized that medicine has made considerable progress in this area, and that dogs with cleft lips now have a fair outlook for life.

It was discovered that doing reconstructive surgery on a puppy during its first few months of life can assist to prevent many future health concerns. The woman agreed to the treatment right away, ensuring that the dog would have a long and happy life.

The woman avoided a repeat of the tragedy, her new pet was saved, and she then chose to make rescuing animals with cleft lips her life’s purpose — in honor of the dog who had passed away.

Hundreds of animals’ lives have already been saved thanks to the woman and her colleagues, many of whom were destined for euthanasia.

She hopes that people will realize that their pets, like other dogs, require affection. They have had some bad luck in life, but we can help them.

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