You’ll be surprised when you see the inside, the driver said as he opened the minibus’ door

The driver of a minibus with a typical appearance opened the door to the interior, where the crowd was required to get their cameras.

In fact, there was an actual house with a bed instead of the typical décor.

Eyewitness accounts would not have been taken seriously in the absence of a video recording.

The owner of the unusual car then distributed the film that featured a minibus tour of the house.

This man owns a business that specializes in van to RV renovations. His most recent creation is a great masterwork.

The visitor is welcomed by a stylish living area with wood flooring right outside the sliding door.

There is a separate kitchen, a tiny breakfast bar,and bedroom. A bedroom with a double bed is located at the back of the vehicle.

The open back doors also have hammocks for relaxing outside. Take a stroll inside this fantastic RV.

The entire setup occupied 12 square meters. A regular minibus has evolved into a true house on wheels. What a nice idea, right?. You can travel and live in the house.

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