The cat accompanied the young man as they made their way to the door with the dog

Michael was walking his dog as usual last summer when it happened. After a while, they came across a little, odd kitten.

It could very easily fit in the palm of a man’s hand due to its tiny stature.

The young man called his wife and requested that she bring cat food.

The dog and cat followed Michael, but his wife didn’t want to bring in another pet because they already had very cute three cats and a dog.

They did, however, provide temporary sanctuary for the youngster so they might eventually give it to a friend.

He was charming, and she had desired a cat for a long time, so the woman couldn’t say no to such a cute fluffy cat.

He was given the name Pilok and gave the cat a pleasant place to live; after the cat got used to it, he showed his playful side.

So a small stray kitten has finally accomplished his objective and is now perfectly content owing to his patience and enormous dream to find his own home and a loving family.

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