Meet Tima, a sweet little puppy who enjoys traveling on the back of his sibling Bern

Despite their differences in size, a rescued chihuahua named Tima and a huge dog Bern are the closest of friends.

A sweet chihuahua loves his pal and does not mind when the young Tima decides to hug him, use him as a cushion, or use him as a high chair once more.

That’s what true friendship is! As a volunteer at an animal shelter, Jenna Miller frequently receives elderly dogs who need a place to stay.

A Chihuahua named Tima served as her first patient. Surprisingly, the canine and the family’s pet dog got along from the start.

The couple literally immediately became inseparable, and it was impossible to look at them without emotion!

Tima cherished his canine companion and used him as his own personal chair, couch, and even vehicle.

The large guy Bern took everything with such calmness, which astounded the owners.

The owners could not contain their excitement when they saw Tima on Bern once more.

They exchanged glances and concluded that the adorable chihuahua had joined their family.

Although the personalities of these canine buddies could not be more different, they remain friends nonetheless.

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