With great joy, relatives inherited grandmother’s apartment, but they put the old cat out the door

Grandmother left only an apartment and an old cat behind when she moved to a better world in one of the high-rise buildings.

Grandma had grandchildren who were excited to inherit the living space, but caring for the cat was not in their plans.

For this reason, the animal was taken to another old woman who fed all of the cats in this yard. Granny, of course, was unlucky, as her meagre pension barely covered her basic needs, let alone the care of animals.

Grandmother knew local volunteers and brought the cat to them, asking them to help or at least make it feel better. There were already forty cats in the shelter, and funds were limited, but they couldn’t leave the animal in this condition.

As a result, the kitty began to live in a shelter with the other cats. She has serious issues, and the prospect of leaving her life with her impacted her condition.

The chances of someone taking care of this cat and taking her in are slim, but the volunteers are hoping to find her at least temporary housing.

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