While the owner was getting treatment, the dog waited for her at the hospital gates for a week

Sana Iniesta, 22, and Mayo, 2, fell in love the moment they laid eyes on the dog at the shelter. The couple hasn’t really parted up since then.

Even on occasion, the girl would bring the dog to work.

But the weekend was when the owner of Mayo experienced his bad moment.

Together, they made the decision to travel to the sea, but Sana wasn’t feeling well in the car.

The young woman had to go to the hospital, where she was admitted immediately.

Sana’s dog was waiting for her next to the clinic the entire week as she recovered from the procedure.

Daily food deliveries were made by the girl’s father to a beloved pet, but he stopped trying to bring the animal home.

Sana’s happy puppy was the first thing she saw when she left the clinic after being released from the hospital.

Sana had to even calm down the pet because she was jumping and waving her tail with such happiness at seeing the owner.

It should be mentioned that throughout that week, the personnel of the clinic took pictures and recorded movies with the Spanish ‘Hachiko,’ and soon Mayo was a social media sensation.

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