Unlikely: A man rescued a kitten, and this experience completely altered their lives

Never was this man a cat person. He didn’t really love cats; rather, he simply regarded them indifferently, saying, ‘Well, you may have such animals for yourselves, so what?’

But after having a fluffy baby, he eventually had a change of heart.

In the Philippines, Anton vacationed. He recalls entering a friend’s room and hearing his daughter recount a tale about following two kittens onto the beach while following their dogs.

This narrative had Anton so interested that he asked the girl to show him the actual location.

He discovered the kitty there. The kitten was so tiny that it would have sat in your palm.

In the hope that the mother cat would return, the man sat with him on the beach for a while.

Anton therefore brought the kitty home. However, not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

It was discovered that such a small animal needs care, feeding, etc. He was taken to the vet by Anton.

Nata just turned 2 months old, thus he is now an adult. Every time he plays with the cat, Anton beams; he claims that the furry, alive ball makes him happy and content with life.

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