Tom Cruiz decided against going to the Oscars since Nicol was there because he didn’t want to see his ex-wife

Despite having a long acting career, The actor has never taken home the prized Oscar trophy.

We are certain that soon he will get it, basically for the length of administration.

Despite the possibility that the members of the film academy will disregard him, just as he chose to disregard the most recent ceremony, at which his film was presented simultaneously in six categories and even won one of them.

People on the Internet didn’t believe it.

After all, there aren’t many chances to win your first Oscar, so don’t take a pause for a few days.

He was also there for the nominees’ lunch the day before. The fans concluded that everything revolved around Nicole after seeing her on the red carpet.

Keep in mind that the actress wore a black maxi dress with large fabric flowers that fitted her perfectly.

The celebrity’s figure’s advantages were emphasized in a dress. This would be hard to believe if it were about someone else, but he has been known for a long time for being a difficult person.

If that was really the whole point, we wouldn’t be surprised. Moreover, they were one of Hollywood’s most stunning couples.

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