To avoid being parted from her nine cubs, the mother dog dashed to the car

Fortunately, this canine family that was put into the street was retrieved quickly, and they were reunited.

The story began when an animal rescue organization received a call reporting a litter of puppies left on the side of the road.

The children’s information was released on the internet, and several individuals recognized the family.

They claimed that their neighbor left the puppies, and that their mother was in a bad shape for a long time after they were separated.

Volunteers rescued the puppies and transported them to their new home.

From the yard, the mother-dog noticed them but was hesitant to approach them.

As a result, people put their offspring in the car’s open trunk, believing that the dog would not be hesitant and would come to them.

She dashed over to them, convinced she was not in risk, and began sniffing to ensure it was her cubs.

All of the puppies and the entire family were transferred to the shelter as soon as the reunion took place.

They will all be put in caring families as soon as the family has been treated and has received the essential treatment.

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