This rescued kitty is filled with joy and can’t quit purring

Cats have a reputation for being chilly, distant, and a little grumpy. The phrases «joyous’ and ‘good-natured’ don’t usually come to mind when people think of a cat’s temperament.

Fortunately, this ginger kitten demonstrated that cats can be more carefree than we believe. Reya is the name of this lucky kitten. And she has reason to rejoice because she no longer lives in a shelter.

She’s found a wonderful family! The little fluffy ball has a witty expression on her face that resembles a dazzling smile, indicating her great joy.

‘I didn’t go out of my way to buy another kitten because I already had two.’

However, when I walked home from work, I got a strong feeling that I needed to visit the animal shelter.’

‘I came across this tiny lady there and was immediately fascinated by her!’

‘I took her home, and Reya hasn’t stopped smiling since.’ ‘She was given the name after one of the cartoon characters.’

Fortunately, this adorable kitty found a caring family that will love her forever. Hopefully every stray animal will find its owner someday.

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