The woman had heard about the puppies left behind the garages and was certain she went ‘just to look.’

Nikita is one of those people who would never leave an animal in a bad situation unattended and would always help them.

They knew about her love for animals throughout the neighborhood, and she frequently discovered how different animals were left at her garage, knowing that she would definitely get attached to them.

The neighbors then claimed that they had left three very small dogs behind the garages once they were in the yard.

The woman went behind the garages and was met by three of the cutest puppies, who immediately began to climb into her arms, as if realizing that this was it, their hope.

Nikita delivered the dogs to her. They turned out to be all girls. The dogs ate, warmed up, and rested in specially designed beds that the woman placed in the kitchen.

Despite the fact that all dogs are extremely attractive, sociable, and friendly, they frequently have issues locating their owners. They’ve been living with Nikita for several months and have grown into adorable young, very active dogs.

They have a big appetite and bring great joy to the lady.

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