The pictures of a dog helping a lamb will make you fall in love with dogs

Online animal baby pics definitely make us happy when we see them. They are, after all, small grownups, and even though they won’t make the cutest pets as adults, they are nonetheless cute as babies.

But after being taken to a very special location, Little Jelly’s life changed.

On the family farm in Ontario, Meghan and her husband established the shelter. After helping a goat last spring, everything came into place.

When Jelly was only 4 days old, he was accepted into the shelter. Two dogs who also resided at the shelter helped him.

Jelly was warmly welcomed to the farm and given love.

They didn’t take long to become really close. After Jelly arrived, it just took them a few hours to spend time together on the couch.

When Meghan returned from leaving the room, she discovered this. Jelly was sitting next to Dole on the couch this afternoon as they watched television.

I stepped away for a short while before returning to it. The two were happy. I find it interesting when diverse species come together.

I find it incredible that this dog treats a lamb better than many people would.

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