The friendly dog is friends with all the butterflies in his yard

Since he was a little puppy, Mina has always had a caring, sensitive spirit.

He likes helping his mother with everything, but especially while she is in the garden.

It didn’t take Mina long to make friends with every butterfly on the terrace because the family’s yard is full with a range of flowers and plants that attract a diversity of butterflies.

Mina has grown to be popular with the butterflies, who frequently come to him to take a brief nap.

Every time they do, he is quite gentle and lets them sit on him for however long they want.

It was simple to take a ton of beautiful pictures of Mina with his butterfly friends because Mina has always been good at posing for photos and even has his own cooking program with his mom.

Since the family’s garden has become such a paradise for butterflies from all over, Mina never misses an opportunity to see and interact with each butterfly that visits.

Mina adores his butterfly friends and will do everything in his ability to be kind to them and look out for them while they are nearby.

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