The farmer went to sleep, and when he awoke, he discovered that his home was close to a sizable sinkhole

The farmer went to bed feeling content with his farm after a long day of labor.

The man’s life was forever altered the following morning when he opened his window to discover that his house had suddenly moved to the edge of a massive sinkhole.

A family of Mexican farmers lived in the house by the field.

They recently relocated after spending all of their savings on building and property purchases. They now have to start over.

The farmer did not focus on it as a result. If only he had known what lay ahead.

As of right now, the failure has a depth of 18 meters and a diameter of more than 90 meters.

The fast pumping of groundwater, according to experts from the Mexican Ministry of the Environment, is to blame for the soil sinking in.

Just take a different look at the funnel. The farmer observed this via the house’s corner window.

A comparable average house that was in the next field where the soil also had the same fate. The man has already received payment guarantee from the government.

However, the farmer claims that he will now relocate to the city.

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