The dog and the ferret clicked right away, and they now spend all of their time together

As examples of their friendship are known, Mery opted to have a dog and a ferret since she had always wanted to own two different animals.

The first thing to show up at her house was a dog.

During the training process, Mery introduced her to a variety of flora, from parrots to cats, and this helped the dog develop a certain level of tolerance.

The cute animal came next; since they sometimes grow up with dogs in shelters, the girl only had to choose the cutest one.

The initial encounter was successful without difficulty. Canine became curious about the visitor and followed him about while he smelled the new house, completely unaware of the neighbor.

Before ‘the fun started,’ the ferret ignored the dog for two days, according to Mery.

Mery says, ‘They are so alike that sometimes I think there are two dogs living here.’

The ferret, not the dog, is the main character in their relationship; the dog plays a supporting role.

The dog treats the ferret with great gentleness and never stops watching or caring for him.

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