The couple left their house, their employment, and their luxurious lifestyle to travel

There are blogs in today’s society, when practically everyone has an internet account.

Many leave their routine and familiar lives in search of new experiences.

Then, while our feed is filled with stunning, colorful images and movies, few people are aware of the truth that is behind them.

The married couple describes the realities of such global journeys in their blog.

Once upon a time, they enjoyed a home, a pleasant life, and reliable work in the advertising industry.

But they left everything because of feelings. Their ability to reach tall buildings is the heart of their business.

The couple’s site has not only lovely photographs but also real-life tales of living with a bag on their shoulders.

They do this to stop other people from assuming that a global journey is all about beauty and to cover a thoroughly unpleasant routine.

They wash dishes, care for pets, and perform other taxing tasks in order to earn for food and house.

The couple used to work in an office and earn a lot of money, but they have since come to appreciate the value of professional help.

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