The cat takes items from the neighbors and presents them to her rescuer as a token of appreciation

A Korean woman picked up a tiny kitten off the street a few years back. She grew over time and started bringing the owner unusual gifts out of gratitude for the rescue.

It was discovered a few months later that the cat takes gifts from unaware neighbors.

They were unable to locate their belongings. The cat decided to give work gloves as gifts for whatever reason.

The owner started to discover them in great quantities at all hours of the day and did not even immediately realize that the cat was delivering them.

‘At first, I believed it to be a joke. But when I saw him wearing a glove, everything made sense, the woman told the media.

Where the cat had ever managed to find so many gloves remained a mystery. This was also readily apparent.

He gathered them from yards nearby because many ladies like gardening and would leave their gardening gloves on the street after work.

The gloves could not be given back to every owner. She just washed them and put a message explaining what they were there. Each day, gloves must be washed.

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