The birth of two extremely endangered leopard kittens is celebrated at the zoo

When a new baby animal is born in a zoo, it’s usually a happy day, especially if the new arrival is from an endangered species.

Each single birth contributes to the repopulation of a species on the verge of extinction.

One zoo recently welcomed the births of two Leopards, a joyful arrival for a highly endangered species. The zoo declared the ‘successful delivery’ of two Leopard pups.

It’s a major achievement given how uncommon this species is. There are less than 100 individuals living in the wild, making them the world’s most endangered cats, according to a zoo news release. Leopard births are extremely rare, even in captivity.

After Iona’s arrival last year, the leopards were matched as mates, and these were their first offspring.

According to the zoo, Jilin is a ‘proud first time dad,’ but for the time being, he is letting his partner handle most of the parenting.

Unfortunately, the leopards gave birth to a third pup, who perished after just a few days. Despite this, the other two cubs are ‘thriving’ and growing well under their mother’s care.

Their appearance was a welcome indication of optimism for the conservation campaign for this severely endangered species.

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