Proud retreiver doggy dad takes care of the puppies after birth

Because the Golden Retiever is one of the kindest doggy breeds in the world, it’s wonderful to have one by our side to cheer us up when we’re down.

No matter what, this beautiful species always knows how to make us smile.

Happiness will multiply when there is a large family of goldens. This family of goldens will win your heart if you’re looking for creatures to brighten your day!

The joyful doggies recently celebrated the birth of seven children, and they are overjoyed.

Because the mother of the dog was so sleepy from the delivery of all the puppies that she just wanted to lie down and forget about the world, daddy assumed responsibility for her cubs.

He was looking forward to meeting his new puppies. When the mother doggy feeds the puppies, the dad watches them from afar, happy and attentive.

He waited patiently for them to complete so he could come play with his kids, and it turned out to be quite wonderful.

This happy father adores his children, but it appears that he adores his wife even more. It’s incredible how enthusiastically he embraces his chosen one.

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