People have constructed homes on the bridge and reside there as though it were a regular city street

Around the world, there is unusual architecture. However, the Chinese have surpassed themselves.

They simply live there as if it were a regular street, having constructed their homes on a bridge over a river at a respectable height.

Additionally, the film makes it quite evident how close together homes, businesses, and other structures are situated.

The odd bridge is situated in one of Chonging’s several neighbourhoods.

Although you probably haven’t heard of this city, it is formally regarded as one of the largest metropolitan regions in the globe.

Here, it is important to consider the unique territorial allocation practices used in China.

Even more impressive is the residential bridge that can be found in one of the counties that make up Chonging.

It has long been a major tourist destination since locals have constructed homes and stores on a small area that passes directly beneath the bridge.

Both traditional Chinese and European architectural traditions are used to construct the bridge’s structures.

The municipal government is making every effort to accelerate Chonging’s urbanization.

The majority of the huge city’s land will be developed over the course of the next decade.

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