Owner was filmed on camera walking a surfer dog through the streets

Wet streets generally just cause difficulties for people, but for this cheeky dog named Bon, it’s so much fun!

The streets of Palm Lauder, Florida resembled mountain rivers.

Dave decided it would be a fantastic time to take his dog to some surf lessons while everyone else was inside their homes.

The man quickly understood that Bon was a top student. Owner Dave remarked, ‘It wasn’t his first time on a board.’

So it called it back and leaped on it as soon as I brought it out (the board).

The skilled Bon was also more assured because it turned out that the modest waves of the roadway were considerably better than the waves of the ocean.

Dave decided they should take it to the next level after a while of carrying his dog by the hands, so he added an e-bike to the menu.

Fortunately, the pair’s enjoyment wasn’t lost on anyone. When one of their neighbors saw them, he or she made the decision to record them on camera.

The outcome made everyone smile. A neighbor initially observed these two engaging in the unique routine and she quickly took out her phone to record the amusing scene.

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