Owner acquired the pet in 1988; did not anticipate celebrating his 30th birthday, making him the world’s oldest cat

The cute ginger and white cat’s owner, Michonne, gave the kitten to herself when she was 20 years old in May 1988.

Such a blessing was he! Michonne claims the cat has been a fantastic friend to her for all these years and is very cuddly and devoted.

She credits her lengthy life to receiving ‘like a child’ a lot of affection and attention.

Dr. Mendes of City Vets is providing him with medical attention and ensuring that he is stable and in good condition.

The oldest cat in the UK, Raga, is reportedly still going strong.

He is in excellent health. Kitty still has a lot of life in him, but I don’t think we’ll pursue the Guinness World Record because I’m not sure he’d want a lot of people to come see him or make a big deal out of him.

He no longer wants to be disturbed or given excessive attention because he is old. We would prefer that he be allowed to age peacefully.

Hopefully the cute kitty lives more happy years . What do you think about this ?

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