Observe the blue eyes of Cupcake, a rare pink pug that has become famous on social media

A type of decorative dog known for its elegance and unending charm is the pug.

The puppies that arrived to us from China are great companions, more resembling furry toys.

However, none of them could speak of being as adorable as our current, regular girl named Marla, based on the numerous images of noble owners of undoubtedly cute pugs.

A Londoner got lucky three years ago when she encountered a curious 6-week-old puppy with a strawberry ice cream coat. It was instant chemistry!

Although it looks more like cotton candy, Marla identified her favorite cupcake.

In any event, the pink baby enjoys a very luxurious life thanks to its owner, which includes dog baths, various clothes, and frequent photo sessions.

More than 110,000 Internet users routinely follow the lives of the charming pink cutie on his own Instagram page, which he also possesses.

Additionally, he treats his followers with fresh pictures and videos, one more than the other.

It’s a common thought that Cupcake is an albino, however this is untrue. Simply focus on his turquoise eyes. Albinos never experience this.

Today, we have a unique opportunity to marvel at such charity because of such a ‘funny of nature’!

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