Mother cat discovered a small puppy and began caring for it alongside her babies

We often assume that cats and dogs are unable to converse, however this is not always the case.

They can be cooperative and friendly, as well as caring and compassionate.

This cat and a dog gave birth practically simultaneously, and after the dog went away, the owner of the cat decided to introduce the puppy to the mother cat.

He had just recently been born, therefore the puppy was still fairly small.

The cat’s owner wrapped him in a blanket and carried him over to the cardboard box where the mother cat and her new kittens were sleeping.

Because pups can’t regulate their body temperature, it’s essential that they spend the first few days of their existence with their mother.

He was not immediately placed in a box by the female. Instead, the owner chose to give them time to get to know one another. The cat was initially confused. She sniffed the stranger with interest but stayed composed.

Her mother instincts worked in a flash, and she promptly let him in with her kittens. It was incredibly touching and sweet. The mother cat continued to look after her kittens and the puppy, making no distinction between them.

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