Kitten was terrified when she was placed in a foster home, but the dog’s care made her trust people

When the kitten was placed in a foster home, she was terrified. However, caring for a dog taught her to trust humans. The kitten was initially met by an animal rescue worker. It was impossible to discern whether it was a boy or a girl at first.

She had to use a heavy towel to lift the cat into her arms. All because of the baby’s hissing, scratching, and biting. The woman decided to bring the cat with her to assist her in adjusting. The woman placed the cat in a large dog cage in the center of the kitchen.

People and dogs wandered about the kitten all the time. A dog, in general, took the infant under her wing and treated her as if she were a member of the family.

To assist the kitten get acclimated to human contact, the woman held the cat with a towel and caressed her head.

The cat embraced the dog’s companionship and established eye contact with him.

Furthermore, the kitten started to exit the cage, but only adjacent to the huge dog. As a result, the infant was removed from the foster home and placed in permanent care. They found each other, according to the cat’s new owner.

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