Jennifer Garner explains why she is unable to read about her former husband, actor Ben Affleck, in the media

She can’t read news about her ex-husband, but some artists can’t watch movies with them.

She is oppressed by both negative and positive Affleck-related publications.

The world appears to have completely forgotten that they had a second girlfriend for many years after their reunion.

She Gather bore him three kids, gave her all to assist him with beating addictions and excused his disloyalties.

How does the actress, who made a great deal of sacrifices for the sake of her family and became Ben’s go-to person after his breakup with Lopez, feel today?

Over the course of more than two decades, the love story between Lopez and Affleck could not be ignored.

The actor’s ex-wife was also unable to avoid gossip. She, however, laughs and smiles charmingly out of habit when asked about her feelings by the media.

She also admitted in an interview with Stellar Magazine that she does not read the news about Affleck.

In addition, she makes a good attempt to keep away from any data about her ex showing up in the media.

In 2015, the craftsmen isolated, the separation was settled in 2018.

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