It was made public that Quentin Tarantino intends to direct the last film in his career this autumn

The final film in the career of one of today’s best directors is about to begin.

He has previously stated on multiple occasions that he wants to retire at the height of his fame and recognition, when he will have ten films under his belt.

With nine films under his belt, it would appear that the time has come for the tenth.

The master’s final work is certain to make waves and make the director’s departure from the industry truly beautiful, according to admirers.

Well, he keeps his word and is putting a lot of effort into a new movie.

As indicated the genius has proactively finished the content. The next masterpiece’s filming could begin this fall.

Naturally, seven locks protect the plot’s specifics. As a movie buff, he knows full well that there is no need to reveal anything.

However, some information is already known. The publication says that the director hasn’t signed a contract with any studio yet.

However, Sony is highly likely to begin filming. In any case, we are looking forward to the master’s tenth anniversary film.

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