Golden Retrlever became a mother to a stray cat in need of help

Around the world, the number of stray animals is increasing.

Thankfully, there are kind people all across the world who are responding to requests for volunteers to help with this fast rising issue.

Eskel, a cat in Thailand, had a tail that was in a bad shape. However, Eskel was discovered by a kind guy.

Eskel was introduced to the owner’s best buddy, a Golden Retriever-type companion dog.

Eskel was picked up from the street when he was about two months old. The man took Eskel to the vet, who bathed him and treated his tail. Eskel was soon welcomed into his new home, where he met Miko, his family’s golden retriever.

This was the start of a fantastic friendship when the dog stared at Eskel and put his nose at the cat.

Miko trailed Eskel around the home wherever she went. The kitten was so enamored with the dog that he sought to drink her milk.

Miko was unaffected by the situation, snuggled up to it, and fell in love with this tiny creature.

Eskel is is now a happy, well-adjusted two-year-old cat who is adored by his mother, a golden retriever, thanks to Miko’s care.

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