Generosity is his middle name: Keanu Reeves presents colleagues with incredibly expensive gifts

Despite his popularity and huge salary, the actor prefers an ordinary life without private jets and mountains of luxury outfits.

Colleagues of the actor often talk about his kindness and generosity, as well as spectacular gifts for which he does not spare money.

The star earned around $315 million, according to Page Six. However, according to a friend of the actor, he is ‘ashamed of his wealth.’

‘He has given away more money and done more good for others than most people can imagine.

He recognizes his good fortune and, unlike many Hollywood stars, does not take it for granted.,’ the anonymous source told The Post.

With special kindness, he treats his colleagues, whose salaries are many times less than his own.

The actor gave each of the twelve stuntmen motorcycles.

And the perpetrators of the dangerous stunts in the movie will get an engraved watch.

No wonder so many people dream of working with celebrities. By the way, he also spends huge amounts of money on charity.

Earlier, it was reported that he donated 70% of the fee for shooting in the new part of movies.

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