For four months, a lost dog followed every woman he encountered, expecting to find his owner

This dog became confused and walked the streets for four months. He followed every woman who passed by, hoping to see his beloved owner among them.

He was fed by the neighbors, who also told the rescuers about her; but, as soon as they tried to touch her, she bolted.

Some members of the volunteer team were still able to locate the owner four months later. They were able to locate the dog’s registered owner by using the ID number on his ear.

The owner was happy that the dog had been discovered, as she had been searching for her beloved dog unsuccessfully for a long time.

After four months of searching, he finally found the woman he had been waiting for.

What a gift that this story ended nicely and that the dog was reunited with his adoring owner, who had been looking for him.

However, there are many instances in which animals are purposefully left, and they either do not comprehend or believe it, or they are in their hearts till the very end. Emotional story, isn’t it?

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