Figure out how a 400 euro pizza won the opposition for the best pizza on the planet

A fantastic opportunity to visit this beautiful nation, which can only boast about its pizza-making prowess.

Besides, his accomplice is a man. They were able to rise to the top of the podium together.

So in 1987 opened the eatery, which her grandma oversaw alone, similar to a free lady.

The choreography-like study of each gesture required that they perfectly complement one another.

Pizza making is an art. It’s like dancing, where the movements are done carefully to form the dough into the right shape.

The duo performed a foodie ballet for several weeks prior to the contest to memorize the recipe.

The best pizza in the world comes from Rhone restaurant. Foods that have been chosen are very special and rare.

Therefore, the restaurant is open daily, except on Sunday. Sleeping on the restaurant’s fireplace has been a very beautiful reward since then.

The restaurant is occupied for up to three weeks with daily patrons. The family has the full picture, and the business is doing well.

When someone close to you has created something with their own hands, the desire to preserve this work is strong, and I am delighted to honor them.

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