Every day these adorable dogs go to daycare by a yellow bus

The owners of this doggy day care were looking for a way to transport its customers when the couple discovered a little school transport available for purchase on the internet.

‘We were planning to get a van, but when I saw this small vehicle on the internet, I could just envision the dogs in it,’ the daycare owner explains.

Despite the fact that they’ve only been operating the transportation for about a month, it’s been a significant accomplishment.

‘Most individuals use the transportation because they are called into work and cannot make it during our business hours,’ she explained. ‘Some people merely employ this because it is beneficial, or they dislike driving exposed.’

Some owners get into the spirit of the school year by bringing their dogs to daycare with a pack, which frequently contains snacks or lunch for the dogs who are still eating three suppers each day, or even a sweep for naptime.

They like congratulatory events and birthday parties, which is especially important for canine owners who travel overseas.

‘It’s especially amazing when families are overseas and can watch a video of their dog,’ she explained.

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