During a walk, the dog came across her twin and persuaded the owner to take him home

If you spotted someone that looked a lot like you, you’d probably make an effort to get to know each other and communicate.

As this story demonstrates, animals are not inferior to humans in this desire.

Betty was out for a walk with her dog, Roger. They were suddenly drawn to a dog who appeared to be an exact replica of Roger.

It was impossible not to notice such a coincidence, so she came to a halt and examined the stranger more closely.

Bisty the dog was out walking at a farmer’s market, where volunteers had created an adoption event to help shelter animals get in new homes. Bisty and Roger were hard to distinguish because their sole difference was their gender.

Betty had no intention of getting a second dog, but her intentions have changed since meeting Bisty.

She fell in love with this dog right away, and Roger had no wish to part with her twin.

They were buddies right away. Two canines, apparently similar to each other, now live with Betty and her fiancé. Interesting, isn’t it?

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