Cat brings home a stray kitten that he found in the yard

Star is a sweet cat who appears to be highly aware of the challenges of street life.

As a result, when he first saw a young kitten by himself in his house’s garden, he made the decision to take care of him and act as his father.

A little over a year ago, when his adoptive parents were on vacation in the Netherlands, this cat was adopted.

He now lives in the Netherlands with his family in a large house.

The following information was provided by Star’s mother, Kara: ‘Star lived on the streets.

He was rescued by a Dutch girl. He was seeking a home in the Netherlands, so we decided to adopt him (for the cat).

Three cats is a lot, my husband and I agreed; this is the last one.

A year after getting what they believed would be the family’s final pet, they had no idea that Star would grow to be the devoted caregiver of a kitten wandering the house’s garden.

Kara hadn’t seen the little kitten around her house before, so at first she wondered whether he had a family.

However, when her cat approached her, everything changed. viewed as a close friend.

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