Because the doggy visited the car dealership, they decided to make a stray doggy their ‘companion.’

Employees at a car dealership have taken in a stray doggy. He wandered around the showroom on occasion, going about his business, but he always returned.

Kitty was fed on a regular basis, but on one rainy day, the showroom manager felt sympathy for the dog.

The owner fed him and let him into the salon.

The dealership’s employees were so taken with the dog’s calm demeanor that they decided to make him a new mascot.

He did not change his ways after the trial period and continued to act quietly.

And gradually, all of the showroom visitors became obsessed with him. Finally, a doghouse was built and outfitted for him.

A short time later, the dog was given a personal pass, and it is unknown whether or not sales have increased since then.

Customers, on the other hand, have a positive reaction to the hairy boss and go out of their way to treat him well.

Since becoming a genuine Instagram star with thousands of followers, the dog is expected to appear in a car commercial by the end of the year.

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