At the Met Gala in 2023, guess what Serena Williams announced: peruse the article to figure out the news

Serena showed off her already rounded belly. Popular tennis star and her adored accomplice are cheerfully anticipating the appearance of their subsequent youngster.

The couple is eagerly anticipating the expansion of their cherished family following the birth of their precious daughter Olympia in September 2017.

This incredible, world-renowned tennis champion showed off her booming belly without making any additional statements at the prestigious event.

The propitious fresh insight about a pregnancy uncovered in the midst of honorary pathway excitement.

She appeared to conceal any sign of her pregnancy at first glance, dressed in an elegant black dress.

Nevertheless, merely exposing her profile was sufficient evidence that her abdomen already possessed a pleasant roundness.

The woman quickly confirmed the news that Anna Wintour had invited her to the Met Gala on Instagram, exuding joy and excitement.

She offered her thanks for the potential chance to go to the renowned occasion close to her significant other, while tenderly putting her hand on her developing gut.

On occasion, I contemplated whether bringing posterity into this steadily influencing world was astute.

However, because being a parent is such a wonderful experience, I have no regrets for my decision.

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