A woman realizes her mistake as she searches for the cat’s owners after finding one

Near her home, a woman heard a cat after becoming stuck in a fence. In order to keep the cat secure from the neighbor’s dogs, she decided to take the cat home after assisting her.

And she placed an online advertisement to rapidly locate the animal’s owners.

The found cat, however, was not amenable to friendship.

The woman continued to post updates in which she described the cat’s acute silliness.

She added that if the owner could not be located quickly, she would give the animal to a shelter.

‘I’m sure it’s someone else’s cat, but if no one gets back to me, I’ll have to give her to a shelter.

Since this is a real lynx, people on the Internet fortunately informed the woman that she needed to get away from the animal as soon as possible.

When the woman’s tale came to a happy conclusion, she said she would send the lynx to the critics who had just sent her unpleasant messages in response to her announcement if it suddenly appeared. What would you do if you were her?

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