A volleyball player believed he had been dating a model for more than ten years

The volleyball star dated a top model for 15 years. At least, he believed so.

The sportsman spent a few hundred euros on his girlfriend over the years, but he never got to see her.

The 42-year-old Carlo’s career was well past its height.

He won the gold medal in 2009 with the Italian national team before relocating to a lower division.

With regard to the athlete’s income, everything was in line.

Before he connected with Malia, a prominent model from Brazil, online.

Carlo entered into a romance with his head after becoming attracted by the girl’s beauty.

She received pricey gifts from him, and once he even brought her a car for her birthday.

Carlo spent many years paying Malia for pricey procedures and praying for the best.

Then he discovered that there isn’t even such a model.

She had been corresponding with him for all of these years. She merely copied images from a model’s Instagram account for correspondence.

The athlete sought assistance from the cops. Unfortunately, there is minimal prospect of finding the person. What do you think about this?

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