A stray cat enters a nurslng home and believes he is employed there

We all know cats are independent and can persuade anyone, but even when it comes to cats, this adorable kitten proved to be more persuasive than we could have imagined.

And now meet Ola, a delightful cat who chooses to live in a nursing home on his own terms and even considers himself an employee there. It all began when a black and white fluffy ball started wandering around the nursing home.

Curiosity drove him, or he was attached to the people who fed him.

Regardless, the cat has previously visited the location and has opted to work there as well. Both personnel and residents benefit from the cat’s assistance.

All of the senior residents in this facility have learned and experienced that having a cat provides only wonderful feelings. They’ve all fallen in love with her now.

The majority of the residents in the nurslng home now have a pet at home, and being able to caress the cat gives them a sense of home comfort and warmth that is simply priceless. Everyone has become accustomed to this lovely purr and can no longer picture life without it.

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