A man rescued a squirrel and intended to take him to nature, but she refused and returned to him

Sebastian was fortunate to come upon a squirrel in the woods. After caring for her, he made the decision to return her to her native environment.

Additionally, it appears that the squirrel preferred society because she came back to him and left her desire to live in the forest.

Near his home, on the very end of the forest, Sebastian discovered the squirrel.

The rodent most likely met a cat by accident because she was unable to move on her own.

The animal was brought home by the man, who started nursing her.

He did not even consider keeping the squirrel for himself at this point. After all, these animals belong in nature.

Sebastian moved the squirrel to a tree and then let her there after waiting for it to fully recover.

The squirrel discovered my house and climbed the kitchen window as I carried her deeper and deeper into the forest.

Naturally, I had to let her in,’ Sebastian said to the media. The squirrel continued to reside in the house as a result.

She was more drawn to comfort, and food than to the forest.

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